How to get more Instagram followers for free?

How to get more Instagram followers for free?

26 July, 2022
How to get more Instagram followers for free?

With over a million monthly users in 2021, Instagram is among the most popular and widely used social networks today. For many people, this app is the perfect stepping stone to the world of influence. Brands also use it to reach out to a qualified online audience. When starting out on this platform, the ultimate goal is often to gain instagram followers 10,000, 50,000, 150,000, 300,000 or more followers is the ultimate goal, depending on your goals. Unfortunately, achieving an image on instagram is not so simple. To make your follower count explode, there are quite a few efforts to make. In this article, we’ll reveal the best tips to get free instagram followers.

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Offer quality content on the platform


As the Americans say, Content is king. To break through on the platform and get free instagram followers, you’ll have to attract them. And the best way to get users interested in your account is to create quality content. Depending on the niche you’re going to position yourself in (fitness, fashion, beauty or entertainment), you’ll need to create relevant and attractive content. And for your content to be successful, it must correspond to what your followers are looking for but also respect the fundamentals of instagram. That is, humor and creativity.


To give your instagram account a good boost, it is highly recommended that you aim for the Explore section Instagram. Indeed, the Explore tool brings together content suggested by Instagram when you click on the magnifying glass in the app. It suggests personalized content to each Instagram user, based on posts they’ve interacted with in the past. If you’ve liked or commented on fashion-related content, for example, there will be a lot of posts in that universe at your Explore tab. The algorithm is not very clear on how it selects these posts, which offer quite a boost to accounts for free. It only selects content that gets a lot of interaction (likes, shares, comments…) as soon as it is published.



Creating good content and on a regular basis can therefore allow you to acquire many free instagram followers. If you don’t know what kind of content to create, we suggest you follow accounts that are in the same niche as you, or whose content formats interest you. You can then get inspired by their content and add your personal touch, to create quality content for your followers in turn.


Organize contests to win instagram followers


The best way to get free instagram followers is to set up contests. In addition to allowing you to have a lot of followers quickly, contests help boost your engagement rate. All you have to do is announce a contest that will allow your followers to win a product, a service, a trip, etc. In exchange, they will have to follow your account. In exchange, they will have to follow your account, like your photo and comment on it to participate in the game.


If you’re new to the platform and don’t have many followers yet, don’t hesitate to use Instagram advertising to promote your contest. By highlighting your contest through a visual or a video relevant, attractive and with the right conditions (like, shares, comments), you will gain thousands of free instagram followers in a few hours.


Make stories to gain Instagram followers


Instagram users are paying less attention to the posts that are published in the feed. They are now paying attention to the stories! Stories allow users to share 10-second videos and photos. Stories disappear 24 hours after they are published. However, it is possible to keep them longer on the front page stories. To connect with your current followers and gain new ones, simply make stories. You can make 1 to 5 stories per day to keep your account alive.


Stories also have the particularity of being interactive and engaging. So you can organize polls in stories, quizzes, Q&A sessions, etc., with your followers. You should know that stories are not linked to the main instagram algorithm. You can use them to stay connected with your followers and show them what you do on a daily basis. Your followers can also share your stories if they are interesting and thus make you known to their respective audience. This will earn you new free Instagram followers.


In addition, the interactivity of the stories can also generate traffic to your website or your blog. It is possible to add clickable links in your stories. This can be interesting to boost your sales if you have an e-commerce site for example or generate more traffic to your blog or your youtube channel.

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Interact with other users


Instagram is a social network, a community. This means that you can’t gain free instagram followers, if you stay alone in your corner. The best way to get attention for your account is to go follow other users and interact with their content. It is recommended that you follow accounts that are in the same niche as you. By doing so, you will be able to attract the attention of their followers and get them to follow you. Like other people’s posts, leave comments to get noticed. They will be tempted to interact with your posts if you also interact with their content. 


Besides, the more you interact with other users’ posts, the more instagram’s algorithm will highlight your content. In fact, this is what happens on Instagram. Users essentially subscribe, like and comment, on accounts that interact with their content. If you want to gain visibility on instagram and get lots of free instagram followers, don’t be shy favor interactions with other accounts.