How to view an Instagram story anonymously?

How to view an Instagram story anonymously?

11 September, 2022

Are you one of those online users that prefers to remain anonymous? It is significant to be aware that, even if you are not friends or followers on Instagram, whenever you open someone’s story, it shows the account owner. You might occasionally want to sneakily check on someone’s story or watch a secret crush story. There are various techniques you might employ if you wish to view instagram stories anonymously.


The 2 techniques to watch an Instagram story anonymously


Use an alternative account of turn your phone on flight mode


If you want to watch instagram stories anonymously, you can create an anonymous or phony account on the social media platform. You can use it to click and watch any story you want without getting noticed. You won’t be noticed, and you can simply accomplish your goal.  You can also use your device’s flight mode as a tactic. But first, you need to activate the app so that your phone has the most recent stories already downloaded. Next, activate the flight mode. You can read Instagram stories using this technique to remain anonymous. Close the app after viewing anonymously ig stories to prevent the app from recording your viewing. Then you can switch off the flight mode and use your phone as normal.


Using an Instagram story viewer


Instagram has evolved into a crucial global entertainment platform and into a big market place in the ten years since its founding. Millions of stories are posted every day with more than 2 billion users that are active each month. If you want to be an anonymous instagram story viewer, here are some tools you can use :


 1-      Instastories 

If you want to be an anonymous story viewer, use InstaStories. You can covertly monitor news and highlights, live posts, likes, comments, and subscribers using this platform. With this tool, you may read the feed and stories without checking in or downloading an app and without needing a personal Instagram profile. If the desired person’s account is not a private profile, you may even be able to obtain recent articles, broadcasts, publications, profile images, and other things. You can trust the app to keep your identity a secret. Your personal information, the date and time of your visits, and the views are hidden from the profile owner. Instagram stories and posts can be downloaded to a computer, a phone (iPhone, iOS, Android), or a laptop. Any modern smartphone can be used to perfectly use Insta Stories, even on various browsers. It is completely free to use this app.


2-     Qoob stories


Qoob Stories


Qoob Stories is a very potent Instagram Story viewer and all-encompassing social media platform downloader. It makes it easier to download practically all Instagram postings. This covers stories, images, and videos. Additionally, it is possible to do so from both public and private Instagram accounts. You can instantly watch people’s stories anonymously on Qoob Stories by just entering the username you want to access. It is simple to download high-quality images and videos from Instagram profiles. By simply linking your favorite account to the Qoob Instagram Story Viewer/Downloader, you can easily automate the entire storing of stories procedure. On your computer or mobile device, it will instantly begin downloading content from the account you want. Using this app is so simple and it will help you watch anonymously ig stories.


3-      Glassagram


Glassagram anonymous instagram story viewer


With Glassagram, users can access any account from the app thanks to the solution designed for an anonymous Instagram story watcher. The profiles that are set to private mode will be completely accessible to you. The user can choose from a wide range of options, including the ability to read direct messages, discover all follower reactions, and watch someone else’s story in a secret mode. Users of the Glassagram spying tool can view the stuff that the targeted person enjoys the most frequently. Thanks to the frequent screenshot updates, no crucial information will be overlooked. This spyware can be a very useful tool for locating Instagram accounts.

Other functions include monitoring Instagram video interactions, tracking interactions with other material, and many more. To use Glassagram, you must pay $59.99 a month and $159.99 a year to utilize the tool.


4-     Instalkr


The greatest anonymous Instagram story viewer available online is Instalkr, which you can use for free. A completely unique internet service is offered by Instalkr. Without creating an account yourself, you can utilize the tool to quickly access a public Instagram account. You can explore an Instagram account anonymously with the use of Instalkr and view their stories, subscriptions, likes, and comments without being seen. Even news or posts that have been deleted by the account will be displayed to you with the tool. You may download videos and photographs from any Instagram account in addition to just seeing their stories. Many options are available, including the ability to view Instagram stories anonymously, access deleted stories, videos, and images, and download pictures and videos.


5-      Inflact


inflact instagram viewer 


When compared to the other tools on this list, Inflact stands out as a completely unique tool. It is a platform for social media marketing that enables companies to take advantage of Instagram’s massive user base to gain exposure for their goods and services. You can watch anonymous instagram stories using this tool and you can even download Instagram pictures and videos using it. For marketing or entertainment purposes, this content can be further repurposed. Its account viewing tools are made to help you learn more about your customers, rivals, and platform influencers. The main purposes of the tool are to increase one’s reach through frequent Instagram posting, cultivate a base of devoted customers, and communicate with them via Chatbots and direct messaging. When you schedule posts, monitor hashtag trends, and create your own hashtags, it is quite amazing.


6-  Dumpor


Dumpor Instagram Story Viewer Tools 


Dumpor is a private and free Instagram story reader. Without logging in your account, you may view Instagram stories, profiles, followers, and tagged posts. It is one of the best Instagram stalkers and viewers. You may use the tool to search through hashtags, profiles, and places for anything you desire. As a business or an influencer, it is a tool you can use to check Instagram profiles, likes, comments, and followers of your competitors. With the app, you can download Instagram photos or videos by simply pasting the link.