Top 5 of French female influencers

Top 5 of French female influencers

18 September, 2022
Top 5 of French female influencers

Discover the most influential women on Instagram 


On social networks today, influencers have become important. They enable you to grow your brand’s recognition, engage with your community more effectively, boost sales, etc. Whether it’s on Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, or another social media platform, these influencers know how to manage your account there so you can get meaningful results. Therefore, the influencer’s job is to give you the opportunity to evaluate the applicability of your marketing plan. There are a lot of influential people in France who have distinguished themselves, collaborated with well-known figures, increased the sales of many organizations, and helped brands on how to get more followers on instagram. There are many of them who stand out with so many people following them on Instagram and on various platforms. Who has the most followers on instagram? Who are the female French influencers on instagram?


1-      Léna Situations – 3,9 M followers on IG


Lena Siutations Instagram 


With her determination to present herself as she is, Léna Situations seems to have won all the votes in the era of the growth of social networks and the emergence of self-expression and authenticity. At just 25 years old, the YouTuber, blogger, and influencer—whatever we want to call her—has clearly distinguished herself by her simplicity, displaying herself both with and without makeup and in designer clothing. Clearly placing her bets on the values that resonate with younger generations: authenticity, inclusivity, and goodness, these three adjectives define her as a a real influencer. Léna Situations can be proud of her work with Dior, her inclusion on Forbes’s “30 Under 30” must-watch list in the “Movies & Entertainment ” category, and her prominence in a lengthy New York Times feature. The young lady is ranked first in Launchmetrics’ final rating for the year, which is based on the major influencers in the luxury fashion and cosmetics industry in 2021. It would have produced a MIV of $4.72 million for Dior alone. She is probably the most followed person on instagram in the category of women French influencers in the world. 


2-      Diane Leyre – 542 K followers on IG


 Diane Leyre Instagram


The young lady grew up in the seventh arrondissement of Paris. Because of her ambitions, she runned for Miss France 2022 after validating several steps. Diane Leyre was selected as Miss France 2022 on Saturday, December 11, 2021. As elected, she will continue to be a fixture in the media as they do every year. Diane Leyre, a real estate agent with a degree from a university in Spain, has always had a love for fashion and beauty. She is already highly active on Instagram, where she posts about her daily activities, sporting events, and particularly her picture shoots including stunning attire. A promising profile that will undoubtedly reappear among the great beauty icons. She is without a doubt one of the most popular instagram influencers in France on Instagram with 594 followers. Diane Leyre was born in Paris and spent almost her entire life there. She holds a Bachelor of Business Administration degree in business and administration. It is not surprising that she is so brilliant and that she has managed to win over thousands of people online. She works as a real estate promoter.


3-      Carla Ginola – 447 K followers on IG


Carla Ginola Instagram


On her account, you can get a ton of fashion ideas, including videos of Carla having fun donning various costumes that show off her true sense of style as well as images that follow the no-filter trend and are sprinkled with sunshine. And that is the way the magic works. But what fashion enthusiasts don’t know is that Carla Ginola sat on the benches of Regent’s University in London, where she graduated in June 2016, before she became one of the most recognized females of the moment. The young lady studied international trade in Milan on the side. Opportunities that gave him the chance to get to know both the languages and the cultures of the two nations. Being at ease in front of the camera, the young woman started her modeling career and started a blog called ‘’La mode de Carla’’. She now works with prestigious companies like Dior. She is an instagram influencer who is really appreciated all over the world.


4-  Khloe VX – 358 K followers on IG


Khloe VX Instagram


Model and influencer Khloe VX is known as a fashion icon thanks to her Instagram account and joint vlogs with her life partner. She undoubtedly ranks among the most promising French Instagram influencers. Her elegant streetwear is an inspiration, and her adventures will have you daydreaming. She had the opportunity to demonstrate her sense of fashion when she appeared with Cristina Cordula on the program “Les Reines du Shopping”. The influencer already has more than 350 000 most followers on instagram who enjoy her content. If you like her taste in fashion, Khloe VX offers her clothing for sale on Micolet. She shares images and videos pertaining to fashion and beauty while never losing her own unique style. She is a huge fan of reality shows. One might find it in a number of French reality show programs where her name is used most frequently. Khloé has made a name for herself in the French influencer industry through TV shows, social media publications, partnerships with brands and by her conflicts with other influencers.


5-  Nicole Bernardes – 305 K followers sur IG


Nicole Bernardes Instagram


In Paris, Nicole Bernardes stands in for the joy of Brazil. She was formerly a model and perfectly embodies French flair and charm. She rose to fame as a member of the Kool Kouple pair, which she formed with her friend @Monsieurkool. She was able to participate in the Queens of Shopping during the same edition as Khloe VX thanks to her sense of fashion. With Nicole, you can anticipate a lot of travel and professional-looking photography. Discover the all-season clothing in Nicole Bernardes’ dressing room on Micolet. She’s a former mannequin who adores traveling and is a true glamor ambassador. Her sunny disposition, kind smile, aesthetic sense, and preference for elegant, feminine clothing guarantee her a position of choice within the French blogosphere with most instagram followers. Nicole personifies everything that is most endearing about Brazilian culture. She enjoys great popularity among French people and continues to expand rapidly online.