Instagram engagement rate

Instagram engagement rate

26 October, 2022
Instagram engagement rate

If you are an influencer or you are using Instagram for business, then you must know that it is not just a platform to publish your pictures and videos. This social media is a marketplace where you can find more clients and increase your sales. It is also an effective strategy for establishing your brand and growing your online authority. But in order to enjoy all the benefits of Instagram you need to work on your marketing and acquisition strategies, but also have a strong audience with a high engagement rate. What is Instagram rate and what is instagram engagement calculator?


What is Instagram engagement rate and how to increase it?


How to increase your Instagram engagement rate ?


Monitoring your Instagram engagement rates enables you to assess the success of your social media marketing campaigns but also directs you toward developing closer relationships with your followers. Keeping an eye on this metric is important to develop your brand or company.


Instagram rate definition and how it works


The Instagram engagement rate is a metric that measures how users engage with the content on your page. It considers the quantity of likes, shares, comments, and follows you have. You can calculate engagement rate by dividing the number of followers by the sum of likes and comments on an account. There 3 key elements that help determine engagement rate on Instagram:

          Relevance: to have a high engagement rate, your content needs to be relevant. If your audience finds the content you publish interesting and which answers their questions, they may prefer it over competitors.

          Interest of your audience: anytime you post a content, you must check if your followers or viewers have interest in them. If they like them, interact with them, comment, share; then you engagement rate will definitely increase

          Social proof and authority: if your followers are addicted to your content and engage with them very often, you will gain more followers and viewers. These new ones may likely leave your competitors to follow you because there is relevant information on your feed.


How to increase your engagement rate?


There are different methods you can use to get more engagement on Instagram. First of all, you need to start creating different types of content and posting relevant information that your target audience may need. Then, you need to start engaging your audience using stories and stickers. There are several stickers such as questions, pulls, emojis you can use. If you want to publish important information, it is preferable to use Carousel Posts. When you post captions, they should contain calls to action. Additionally, you can use Reels and Memes and make use of meaningful hashtags. You can also organize quizzes and enticing giveaways. Make sure you create graphics that can be saved and you post at the right time, when your audience is online.


How to calculate effectively your Instagram engagement rate?


It is important to keep track of your Instagram engagement rate because it helps you understand better how well your content is connecting with your audience.


How to calculate your engagement rate using formulas?


First of all, you can use this formula: Engagement Rate = (Likes + Comments) / Followers X 100. However, there are different methods you can use to calculate engagement rate. You can use certain metrics such as the likes, reactions, saves, direct messages, clicks, profile visits, shares, profile visits, etc. You can also use these formulas:

  •         Engagement rate by views (ERV) :

To calculate this, here are the formulas:

          ER view = Total engagements on video post / Total video views X 100

          Average ER view = Total ER view / Total posts

  •         Engagement rate by reach (ERR) :

To calculate this, here are the formulas:

          ERR = total engagements per post / reach per post X 100

          Average ERR = Total ERR / Total posts

  •         Engagement rate by impressions (ERI):

To calculate this, here are the formulas:

          ER impressions = Total engagements on a post / Total impressions X 100

          Average ER impressions = Total ER impressions / Total posts

  •         Engagement rate by posts (ERP):

To calculate this, here are the formulas:

          ER post = Total engagements on a post / Total followers X 100

          Average ER by post = Total ER by post / Total posts

  •         Daily engagement rate

To calculate this, here are the formulas:

          Daily ER = Total engagements in a day / Total followers X 100

          Average Daily ER = Total engagements for X days / (X days X followers) X 100

How to calculate engagement rate using instagram engagement rate calculator?


Using different formulas to calculate engagement rate can be difficult and frustrating. This is the reason why you can find online tools to do the calculation for free and in a few minutes. A free instagram engagement rate calculator will help you and your team calculate your engagement rate without having to manually complete a “actions over views” equation.

Additionally, you can assess and check an influencer, a rival, or another pertinent account using Instagram engagement rate calculator. In fact, you have to understand that there are different types of engagement rate calculators. Some will allow you to adjust for certain types of content, engagement, shares, likes. This is the reason why you need to choose the best instagram engagement rate calculator.

So if you use the engagement calculator to determine your rate, you might like to know more about the figures right? Here is the standard guideline:

  • over 6%, you have a very high engagement rate
  • between 6% and 3,5%, you have a high engagement rate
  • between 3,5% and 1%, you have a good or average engagement rate
  • below 1%, you have a low rate, therefore you must take immediate actions

There are some Instagram engagement rate calculators you may know and plan to use them:

  • InBeat
  • Phlanx
  • Kicksta
  • HypeAuditor
  • HashtagsForLikes
  • PathSocial
  • Nitreo

In conclusion, you have to know that using Instagram for your activity and using all the marketing strategies are not enough. At the end of the day, you need to calculate your engagement rate and make sure you have an impact on the platform. There are different formulas you can use to calculate your rates, but you can also use the free online tools available.