The best time to post on TikTok

The best time to post on TikTok

28 October, 2022
The best time to post on TikTok

If you use TikTok or you are thinking about using it, you’ve probably wondered how to build a huge following base. The question of “when is the optimum time to post on TikTok” has probably also crossed your mind. And you’re not the only one trying to solve these two puzzles. The truth is that it might be challenging to choose the ideal time to post content on this social media platform. There are certainly a lot of statistics and concepts for different platforms, but trends develop and shift virtually constantly. So what is the best time to post on tiktok ?


Does it matter to post at a particular time on TikTok ?


If you’ve been using TikTok for a while, you probably already know that getting included in the “For You” section has turned out to be the ultimate goal for influencers, companies, and creators. You see an infinite stream of videos in the “For You” section that the algorithm has selected based on how you’ve used the app in the past. Videos that feature in this section attract a larger audience and more interaction. In summary, if you want to get more views fot your videos, you must know the best time to post on tiktok 2022 so that your content can be found on the ‘’For You’’ section. In fact, the algorithm of TikTok chooses videos for the “For You” section according to a number of factors, including user interactions. Videos with a high number of likes, shares, and comments are more likely to appear in the “For You” section.

So, if your audience is active on the platform, you have to keep the engagement wheel turning if your posts aren’t even appearing in the following feed and in the ‘’For You’’ section. This is why you need to choose the best times to post on tiktok to make sure there is engagement with your content. But keep in mind what’s most crucial. You won’t benefit from the optimum timing if you don’t provide high-quality content. Use popular hashtags, effects, songs, and collaborators to create scroll-stopping TikTok videos because the algorithm favors videos that are viewed through to the end.


Is there any best time to post on TikTok ?


The best time to post on TikTok 


Is there any best time to post on tiktok uk to start with? Yes and no! On the “For You” section, the main interface of the app, TikTok does a terrific job of providing each of its users with a very tailored mix of content. However, most of the videos that are recommended on the “For You page” are only a few days old.

Therefore, you should post to TikTok when your audience is most likely already scrolling for optimum results. To put it another way, knowing where and when your audience is located (time zones important) will help you determine when is the best time to post on tiktok uk.

But posting at the right time is not the only factor in getting a large following on TikTok. The frequency of your posts may have an impact on how widely your contents get shared on the site. It is recommended to post 1-4 times per day. Keep a close check on your performance until you find the best times to post on tiktok uk frequency that are good for the TikTok algorithm and your followers. However, generally speaking, some hours and days seem to function better than others.


What is the best time to post on TikTok ?


According to some statistics, tests and after examining more than 30,000 posts on TikTok, Thursday at 7 PM (Pacific Standard Time) is the best time to post on tiktok uk for the highest level of engagement. If you want more results, you must plan to post several times in a day and many days in a week.


Best time to post on Tiktok


Note that the time zone considered here is the Pacific Standard Time. Here are some best times to post on tiktok to post on the platform according to each day :

  • Monday : 10:00 PM is the ideal time to post on Tiktok. Most users seem to use the platform at night on Mondays because in the morning and during the day, they might be busy at work, at school, etc.
  • Tuesday : it is the best day to post on TikTok. The best time people engage with content is from 6 :00 AM to 9 :00 AM.
  • Wednesday : the best time to post on Tiktok is between 7 :00 AM to 9 :00 AM. The reason is that many people like to scroll contents online on TikTok before going for their activities.
  • Thursday : it is also one of the best days to post on the social media app. Thursday seems to be the busiest weekday for the interactions on the platform. 7 :00 AM is the best time to post and enjoy engagements.
  • Friday : the best time to post on Friday is 3 :00 PM. You know it is the beginning of week-end. So people are enthusiastic about scrolling contents on the platform.
  • Saturday : it is week-end. Most people are free in the morning or they are relaxed. So the best time to post is at 11 :00 AM.
  • Sunday : it is a great day to post on TikTok. To receive the highest engagement rate, plan to post in the morning between 7 :00 AM to 8 :00 and in the afternoon at 4 :00 PM.

Even though they might appear to be unrelated, keep in mind that TikTok offers content to a global audience across multiple different industries. Don’t assume that your audience has the same time zone, job, or sleep schedule as you. Post while they are online rather than when you have time. The peaks on TikTok, however, occur in the morning and evening.

Remember that these are merely averages and tips. Every audience and demographic on TikTok has its own unique activity patterns. Use these times as a reference. Then, decide which posting times will work best for your target audience using the recommendations given.