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What are the most popular Instagram hashtags?

Instagram hashtags are essential elements if you want to expand the reach of your post as well as your community.

Using the right Instagram hashtag will help you get more likes on Instagram. This is because when an Instagram user searches with the help of a hashtag, it means that they are looking for a particular piece of content, so they will be more likely to interact with the content they see.

Tiktok Hashtag

Also, when a user is interested in a specific activity, they will be more likely to follow your account if they find your content relevant. So using the right Instagram hashtag can be a great way to get more Instagram followers.

Hashtags banned by Instagram

For the past few years, Instagram has banned certain hashtags. These are mainly hashtags that concern violence, sex or pornography. Obviously, it is important to respect the rules of use of the platform.

How to use hashtags on Instagram?

There are several ways to use hashtags on Instagram:

How to find the best Instagram hashtags?

It is difficult to answer this question clearly. Indeed, many parameters come into play: The type of post, the target you want to reach, your goals…

However, in order to enlighten you and give you new ideas, you will find below a list of the most used hashtags. To be even more relevant in your research, you can also use our hashtag generator. Check out our user guide at the bottom of this page.

The most popular hashtags on Instagram

They are listed in ascending order based on their usage:

  1. #Love 
  2. #Instagood 
  3. #Photooftheday
  4. #Fashion
  5. #Beautiful 
  6. #Happy
  7. #Like4like
  8. #Picoftheday 
  9. #Art
  10. #Photography

Real estate hashtags

Quite unknown, the real estate sector has a real presence on Instagram. This is due to the fact that the sector lends itself perfectly to the platform where the visual is king. The real estate hashtags have a real importance if you are interested in this subject.

Real Estate Hashtag

In the age of social networks, real estate agents can no longer limit themselves to their agencies or to a simple website. New markets have developed on social networks and especially on Instagram. A well thought-out marketing plan will allow you to reach new prospects on social networks.

Mistakes not to make

When you post on Instagram you must absolutely insert in your post hashtag real estate. Indeed it is your core target, if you forget to put these hashtags you will only reach your followers. However, the goal is to acquire new customers.

It is also important to write your Instagram bio correctly. When new users discover your content, they should be able to find all the information related to your real estate agency. If you have a website, insert the link in your Instagram bio, this will allow potential customers to go further in their navigation and discover all your products.

You should also offer content on a regular basis. If you have the opportunity, try to post a photo every 2 days. This will build loyalty in your community and boost the Instagram algorithm.

Also, think about organizing your Instagram feed. Remember that visuals take an important part in your business. So you need to have a harmonious and consistent Instagram feed based on color tones and photo types.

Examples of real estate Instagram accounts

Some real estate agentsreal estate agency or consultant use Instagram with great success getting very interesting statistics on their posts. The strategies used can be very different. However, all these accounts have worked their Instagram feed, on each of their publication, we see that at least one hashtag real estate is present and all these accounts are very active.

Top 10 real estate accounts on Instagram :

  1. jelliscraig
  2. luisiglesiasrealestate
  3. chadcarroll
  4. gingermartinluxuryrealestate
  5. wsjrealestate
  6. theoppenheimgroup
  7. aliciadrakerealestate
  8. barrycohenhomes
  9. thedawnmckennagroup
  10. theagencywaterlooregion

The best real estate hashtags:

  1. #realestate
  2. #realtor
  3. #realestateagent
  4. #home #property
  5. #investment
  6. #forsale
  7. #realtorlife
  8. #househunting
  9. #dreamhome
  10. #luxury
Real Estate Instagram

Top 10 Nails, manicure hashtags on Instagram

  1. #nails
  2. #nailart
  3. #nailsofinstagram
  4. #manicure
  5. #beauty
  6. #nail
  7. #gelnails
  8. #nailsoftheday
  9. #nailsonfleek
  10. #nailstagram

Top 10 hiking hashtags on Instagram:

  1. #nationalpark
  2. #mountains
  3. #hikingday
  4. #mountainlake
  5. #topofthemountain
  6. #hikemoreworryless
  7. #hikingtrip
  8. #adventure
  9. #hikingadventure
  10. #hikingtrails

What are the most popular Tiktok hashtags?

Tiktok is a social network with millions of users. Tons of videos are created every day on this platform. For a user, getting noticed in this very competitive world can be a real headache.

However, tiktok hashtags can be a great way to stand out.

Tiktok Hashtag

On TiktTok, it is not enough to post regularly to get noticed. Indeed, it is also important to optimize each of your publications by using the right TikTok hashtags.

The most popular hashtags on Tiktok 

  1. #fyp
  2. #ForYou
  3. #ForYouPage
  4. #viral
  5. #TikTok
  6. #TikTokChallenge
  7. #duet
  8. #live
  9. #trending
  10. #India

However, just because a hashtag is popular doesn’t mean it’s the right keyword to use for your post.

Think of the hashtag as a search engine: the hashtags you use must match your post. Tiktokers who are going to search on the app will want to get relevant results with the hashtag they used.

To be more precise in your research, we have also selected the best hashtags by theme.

The best real estate hashtags on TikTok

Indeed, the theme of real estate is very often used on different social networks. When you have a post that concerns this sector, we recommend you to use a real estate hashtag.

The list of the best real estate hashtags on TikTok

  1. #realestate
  2. #realtor
  3. #realestateagent
  4. #home #property
  5. #investment
  6. #forsale
  7. #realtorlife
  8. #househunting
  9. #dreamhome
  10. #luxury

The best hiking hashtag and Nature hashtag

Hashtag hiking

In case you went for a hike in nature and took a picture of a beautiful landscape, it would be a shame not to share it with your followers. But here’s the thing… when it’s time to choose your hiking hashtag, you don’t have any inspiration left. No need to panic!

The 10 best hiking hashtags

  1. #hiking
  2. #nature
  3. #mountains
  4. #travel
  5. #adventure
  6. #trekking
  7. #landscape
  8. #naturephotography
  9. #outdoors
  10. #hikingadventures

The bests Hashtags about friendship

  1. #friends
  2. #bestfriends
  3. #bff
  4. #friendship
  5. #friend
  6. #bestie
  7. #friendshipgoals
  8. #friendsforever
  9. #bffs
  10. #friendsforlife

The Best hashtags for dance

  1. #danceislife
  2. #dancedance
  3. #dance
  4. #danceclass
  5. #dancersofinstagram
  6. #dancecrew
  7. #lovedance
  8. #instadance
  9. #dancerlife
  10. #dancing

The bests Hashtags for funny videos

  1. #memesdaily
  2. #memegod
  3. #comedyvids
  4. #funnyfails
  5. #funnymemez
  6. #funnyvid
  7. #funnymeme
  8. #jokes
  9. #funnytiktoks
  10. #funnymemes

However, if you want to know the most relevant Instagram hashtags for your Instagram post, we recommend using our Instagram hashtag generator. We’ll explain how it works below.

The principle of the hashtag generator

The hashtag generator that we have set up allows you to get the best hashtags according to 2 rankings.

The most popular hashtags

Our tool ranks hashtags according to their number of uses in ascending order. The hashtags are then classified into 3 categories:

The most relevant hashtags

Another sorting can be done on our hashtag generator, it is the sorting by relevance. When you check this option, only the most relevant hashtags will be kept. They will also be sorted by popularity in ascending order.

How to use our hashtag generator?

We have set up an easy to use generator. 2 methods are available to you to get the best hashtags.

Generate the best hashtags by keywords

The first method is to indicate one or more keywords representative of your publication. You just have to enter these keywords in the text box and validate. In order to optimize your Instagram posts, we advise you to select between 1 and 4 of the most popular hashtags, 10 to 15 average hashtags and 5 to 10 little used.

Hashtag Generator

Our Instagram database holds over 15 billion hashtags. This ensures you get the best hashtags based on your keywords or image.

Once you have selected your hashtags, you will see them appear on the right side of your screen in the Instagram post preview. You can also copy the hashtags you’ve selected and paste them directly into the social network of your choice.

Generate the best hashtags from your photo

You can also identify the best hashtags based on the image you want to post.

To use this method, you must first select “Generate by image”.

You can then upload your image to our Instagram site

Once the image is uploaded, we then offer you the list of the best hashtags

In the preview at the bottom right you can also copy the selected hashtags directly.

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