Instagram feed: what is it ?

Instagram feed: what is it ?

27 August, 2022
Instagram feed: what is it ?

An Instagram feed, also known as a feed, grid, or photo gallery, is the collection of images that are posted to your Instagram account. Your editorial slant is defined by the feed, so it is crucial that you take good care of it. It’s also vital to point out that Instagram has more than 1,44 billion active users and that every day, more than 100 million videos and photographs are submitted to the platform. With that much content, it’s easy to become lost. You must employ various tactics if you want your contents to be viewed by others and have influence. You can identify the value of having a curated feed among them. How do you structure an Instagram feed ?


What is an Instagram feed?


The feed defines your editorial line, which is why it is crucial that you take good care of it. This is also why many brands and companies call on graphic designers to create and build their Feed. When internet users access your account, the instagram feed creates the first impression. It is also a mobile-first platform where users can share images and videos, engage with their communities, and find out about issues that are significant to them. Businesses may use feed to emphasize on their services or products, visually tell their brand story, and inspire customers to connect with what they have to offer on a deeper level.

A feed and a data stream are related concepts. Various feeds are available online based on the usage and digital tools employed. The social media feed is one of them and it contains contents that other users share with you or publicly. The instagram feed is one of the first things other users look at before deciding whether or not to follow you. So making a good first impression is inevitable if you want to entice them. 


Instagram feed


Why is it important to have a curated Instagram feed? 


Your instagram feed must be well-organized if you want to increase the number of people following you. It must be perfect. There are several instagram feed ideas you can use to stand out. If someone chooses to follow you, they need to know what kind of information to anticipate from you in their news feed. A curated Instagram feed is determined by a variety of factors, including regular lighting, uploading noteworthy and innovative content, etc. Of course, there might be a little volatility, but for the most part, your feed should be consistent, and any variations should be deliberate and infrequent.

You must work hard to build your feed if you want to forge stronger bonds with your customers and develop your brand. Instagram published information about how their ranking algorithm functions. You could examine them. You must work on engaging your audience more if you want your content to be published more frequently. Your interaction with users is one of the primary aspects. Your content will appear more frequently the more they engage with it. More interaction and the potential to gain new followers result from this.


How does an Instagram feed work?


There are many parameters to consider regarding how your instagram feeds work. When you connect on your Instagram feed, the images and videos you see are based on how the social media app algorithm works. First of all, Instagram posts from accounts you follow, suggested posts, and advertisements from companies that may be of interest to you are all included in your news feed. And then, it is important to notice that Instagram uses different techniques and methods based on its algorithm to determine and choose the order of the posts on your feed. These techniques may include: the date of the contents shared, the probability that you may like the content shared, your favorites, your interactions or engagements with the accounts that shared the posts, etc. Sometimes, a post from a few days ago can appear in your instagram feed. It is actually to prevent you from missing a post from a follower or a suggested post, this is being done.


Instagram feed tips


You have to understand that the suggested content you see in your feed are not commercial advertisements. You can report some of them if you notice they violate Instagram Community Guidelines. These suggested posts are based on some features such as: 

  • Your activity on the account which includes who you follow and the posts you’ve liked, saved, or remarked on are examples of your activity.
  • The popularity of the content
  • The details about your geolocation
  • The information about your connections on the account
  • The number of people that have engaged with your account in the last few days or weeks


How to create a perfect and curated Instagram feed?


 perfect Instagram feed


Instagram is one of the most used social media platforms in the world. It has close to 2 billion users and by 2023, it is expected to reach 2.5 billion people. Instagram is still the most popular visual medium and a dependable way to meet new people and gain exposure. If you want to stand out, you must put in a lot of effort, more than others do. You likely already know that having a well-organized feed is half the fight in being a master of Instagram content. You need to know some tips to use to create a curated feed on your Instagram account.


1-      Choose your Instagram Theme


First of all, you must start by choosing and using a good Instagram theme. It is a visual or feature that is used by people and brands or business in order to have a unified look on their feeds. These themes help social media managers to organize different types of contents that carry a decent vibe to the profile. There are different Instagram themes from which you can choose one such as: Transition theme, Pastels theme, Puzzle theme, Unique Angles theme. There are 26 of them and if you don’t like any of them, you can create your own using the appropriate tool.


2-      Create a good profile and choose your layout


One of the things you must do is to create a profile on which you will stick to a determined topic. For example, your personal account must be separated from your professional account in order to make sure the contents are different and display what you really want. You shouldn’t use one account to post different subjects. And then, you need to choose your instagram feed layout and stay with it. Don’t change it. There are some layouts such as: Zigzag, Columns, Lines, etc.


3-      Create authentic contents and post them on a regular basis 


If you want your audience to engage with you, you need to create good content. People come online for different reasons. Some to have knowledge, some to entertain, etc. So you must know who your target is and create content accordingly. Create good visuals, photos, videos, carousels and make sure they are perfect. Also chose a time to post and post regularly.


4-      Use some apps to plan your feed


There are several apps you can find online to plan your feed Instagram and have a curated one. You can use:

  • Planoly
  • Adobe Spark Post
  • Preview
  • Unum
  • Later