How to do a live tiktok

How to do a live tiktok

06 November, 2022
How to do a live tiktok

TikTok LIVE is a live-streamed section of TikTok, giving content creators the chance to connect directly with followers. You can respond to comments and questions, and if you’re a master of the hustle, you can receive virtual gifts that can be exchanged for real money. As a social media content creator, going Live on TikTok is full of benefits. It’s the perfect way for you to grow your audience, interact, and engage with your followers in real-time — plus, you can even raise money for favorite charities while you do. Here are some steps you can follow to start a LIVE on TikTok. Therefore, how to go live on tiktok? How many followers to go live on tiktok?


How to start a live show on TikTok ?


How to go Live on Tiktok 


To be eligible for TikTok LIVE, you must have a minimum of followers. Then, how many followers on tiktok to go live? You need 1,000 followers minimum to go LIVE on TikTok. Anyone over the age of 16 who has checked that option is eligible to start broadcasting on TikTok LIVE. Additionally, if you’re over 18, you can earn TikTok LIVE Gifts; we’ll talk more about those in a moment.

TikTok LIVE is simple to access if you qualify. Here is what to if you want to know how to get live access on tiktok:

  1. launch the TikTok app and click the plus (+) sign at the bottom of the screen.
  2. select “LIVE” in the menu.
  3. a preview of your video feed will appear. You may give your live stream a title, enable or disable comments, apply effects and filters, select a charity to support, and share your TikTok LIVE video on your connected social media networks in that preview.
  4. when everything is ready, click “Go LIVE” to go live!

The power button is located at the bottom of the menu screen. Press it once your TikTok LIVE video is complete. You will finish your TikTok LIVE stream. You can replay, download, or delete your TikTok LIVE video by going to “Settings and privacy,” “LIVE Replay,” and those actions. If you were asking yourself how do i go live on tiktok? You can just follow these steps ahead.


Tiktok live : why can’t you go live ?


If you are unable to go live on the app, it is because of a number of reasons. TikTok LIVE may not be available to you for a variety of reasons. These consist of:

  • You could have lost some fans. If your follower count has slipped under 1,000, you’ll lose the ability to use TikTok LIVE.
  • You might be in a nation that forbids TikTok LIVE, or your follower count may have fallen below 1,000, in which case you will no longer be able to utilize TikTok LIVE. TikTok LIVE videos cannot be made or uploaded while you are in China, India, or Hong Kong. This is due to TikTok being prohibited in some areas.
  • Your TikTok app might not be up to date. Try the standard procedures: check for updates, delete the app, switch off and on your phone again. Your gadget might not be able to handle an update if you just missed it.

It’s advisable to contact the TikTok support staff if you have more than 1,000 followers, live in a region that supports TikTok Live, have the most recent version of the app, and are still unable to access TikTok LIVE.

Go to your profile, select “Settings and privacy” from the menu in the top-right, then select “Report an issue” from the list of options that appears. You may see the “LIVE” section here. Click “I can’t start a LIVE,” explain the problem, and then submit your answer. Someone from TikTok will examine your situation, and hopefully everything will be resolved!


What are the best practices to make the best TikTok LIVE videos


Tiktok Live 


It’s important to keep the following advice in mind once you’re ready to start playing on TikTok LIVE. Here is how to go viral on tiktok when you go LIVE:


Use quality equipment.


Good content can be ruined by poor lighting. Additionally, poor equipment will result in poor sound quality. Before going online, you should also examine your network.


Promote your show and keep it brief.


Use regular TikToks and your other social media outlets to spread the word about your TikTok LIVE video before it goes live. Decide on a time that is most convenient for your audience when it comes to going live. While there is no set length for a TikTok LIVE video, 30 minutes has been found to be effective. It’s the same length as a Netflix light show episode; it’s lengthy enough to be worthwhile yet brief enough to commit to.


Just before utilizing TikTok LIVE, post a video.


They will be informed that your TikTok LIVE video is happening if they watch one of your TikTok videos when you are live. This means that instead of scrolling through the LIVE area, people will be able to view your TikTok LIVE video immediately from their For You stream. With a LIVE countdown sticker, which you can add to your standard TikToks, you can give viewers an extra push.


Organize a LIVE Q&A


The Q&A button, which resembles a speech bubble, can be clicked once your TikTok LIVE video has started to play. This transforms the conversation into a true Q&A session and enables you to choose which questions to answer and make them publicly visible in your TikTok LIVE video.


What are TikTok LIVE Gifts?


With the help of TikTok LIVE Gifts, users can give their favorite producers some icy, hard cash. You must have 1,000 followers or more and at least three TikTok posts with 1,000+ views in the previous 30 days in order to get TikTok LIVE Gifts.

In order to send “gifts” during your TikTok LIVE videos, viewers purchase TikTok Coins. These may be pictures of a tennis ball or a sweet little Corgi. A set number of TikTok LIVE Gifts can be earned before they are transformed into “Diamonds,” which can then be exchanged for actual money.


TikTok LIVE Studio: What is it?


Content producers can stream on TikTok LIVE Studio, a Windows-only application, just like they would on a service like Twitch. This implies that they can broadcast directly from their computer or gaming console to TikTok LIVE.

Few thousand users worldwide currently have access to it. To compete with Twitch and other live streaming competitors, TikTok LIVE Studio may eventually expand. Keep an eye out for it!


TikTok LIVE Ban : what is it and how long does it last ?


TikTok has rigorous community rules, and if your account is found to have broken one of them, you will be banned. Your account may be banned from TikTok if it advocates violence, offends children, promotes unlawful content, encourages self-harm, harasses users, contains explicit material, or engages in hate speech.

The majority of TikTok LIVE restrictions are brief—usually lasting one to two weeks. If you’ve been given a temporary ban, the ‘Livestream Restrictions’ area will show you how many days are left. After serving your sentence, you’ll be able to use TikTok LIVE again with the same rights you had before the suspension. However, a lifelong ban may be imposed for more significant acts. You won’t be able to use TikTok LIVE once the ban is in place unless you appeal it.

You can contact TikTok in a manner similar to how you would while troubleshooting basic TikTok LIVE issues if you believe you have been unjustly banned: Follow the links “Report a problem,” “LIVE,” “Hosting LIVE,” and then “LIVE is suspended.” If your issue isn’t addressed there, you can then elaborate on it in the text field.