Tik tok : how to use secret emojis ?

Tik tok : how to use secret emojis ?

12 November, 2022
Tik tok : how to use secret emojis ?

Everyone utilizes the expressive icons to some extent in everyday communications and social media comments, making emojis the universal language of texting on social media, and the internet in general. That is undoubtedly the case on TikTok, which uses both a not-so-secret library of additional emojis in addition to the standard emojis included on every iOS and Android phone. Although some people refer to them as TikTok’s “secret” emojis, they are actually not so well-kept. However, you need to be aware of the tiktok emoji codes in order to add one of these emojis to TikTok. Here’s how you use the unique emojis on TikTok.


What are tiktok secret emojis ?


Emojis are text-embedded pictograms, logograms, ideograms, or smileys that are used in electronic messaging and on websites. Emoji’s main purpose is to complete the emotional cues that text-based communication is missing. There are many different sorts of emoji, including ones that depict facial expressions, everyday objects, locations, weather patterns, and animals. Emoji are similar to emoticons, but they are images rather than approximate typography. The name “emoji” in its strictest meaning applies to such images that can be rendered as encoded characters, while it is occasionally extended to messaging stickers. There are tiktok secret emojis that may be used with “codes” on both the iOS and Android versions of the TikTok app. These “secret emojis” display as a shortname encased in square brackets. For instance, typing [loveface] adds a customized emoticon that resembles the emoji Smiling Face With Heart-Eyes 😍.


How to use hidden emojis on TikTok ?


First of all, you should visit the tiktok emojis list. Then, copy any shortcode for an emoji you want to use. After that, insert the shortcode into a comment or caption on TikTok and it will become the emoji you want to use. If you recall the code, you can also type any of your preferred options. In order to achieve this, switch to the punctuation keyboard and locate the open-square bracket before typing the code and closing-square bracket.

Here are some shortcodes and their corresponding emojis you would like to use :

How to use the emoji Smile on Tiktok ?


Smile secret tiktok emoji

To use this emoji, use this shortcode: [Smile]. You can use to express joy, love, or gratitude.


The short code to use the emoji Angry


anger secret tiktok emoji

This emoji can be used to express rage. A red face with a furrowed brow and a stress mark on the upper right side of the face is used to symbolize anger. Simply enter the shortcode : [anger] to do that.


Tiktok Embarrassed emoji


embarrassed tiktok secret emojis

The Shortcode to use is : [embarrassed]. This is ideal for awkward or embarrassing situations. It is depicted as a teal face with a worried expression and a drop of perspiration on its right brow.


The secret to use the emoji “Wronged” on Tiktok


wronged secret tiktok emoji

Use the offended emoji to convey your bashful, ashamed, or humiliated feelings. Insert the shortcode: [wronged].


The emoji “Shout” on Tiktok


shout secret tiktok emoji

When you simply need to let it all out, the shout emoji is great. A purple visage with a wide mouth and pointed fangs is how it is depicted. Use this hidden TikTok emoji to express your frustration with the shortcode: [shout].


Use the Flushed emoji on Tiktok


flushed secret tiktok emoji

Use the flushed emoji to convey how nervous you are when talking to your crush. It has yellow skin, adorable eyes, and flushed cheeks. When you’re having one of those moments, this hidden emoji from TikTok is ideal. Use the shortcode: [flushed].


Tiktok hidden emoji : Yummy


yummy secret tiktok emoji

Use the scrumptious emoji for all those mouthwatering cooking demonstration videos. It is a pink face giving the thumbs up while sticking out its tongue and squinting its eyes. This TikTok hidden emoji is ideal for expressing appreciation for a piece of content or hunger. Use the shortcode : [yummy].


How to Unlock and Use Tiktok’s Secret Emoji “Scream”


scream secret tiktok emoji

The scream emoji is a blue face grabbing its sides while having wide eyes and an open mouth. Use this covert emoji to express how a disturbing video made you feel or to let someone know they surprised you. Use the shortcode: [scream].


How to use the Funnyface tiktok’s Emoji


funnyface tiktok secret emoji

It’s time to act utterly foolish. The pink face with its tongue poking out is the hidden funny face TikTok emoji. This is ideal for when you’re laughing or feeling playful. You can use the shortcode : [funnyface].


Tiktok Wicked Emoji


wicked tiktok secret emoji

It’s time to act utterly foolish. The pink face with its tongue poking out is the hidden funny face TikTok emoji. This is ideal for when you’re laughing or feeling playful. You can just use the shortcode: [wicked].


What is the importance of using emojis on your tiktok account ?


There are a large number of advantages using tiktok emoji :

  • When words fail, tiktok emoji can express feelings
  • Occasionally, despite your best efforts, the impact of your words alone can fall flat. Emojis provide you the ability to go beyond what you can say with words to express emotions, such as happiness, humiliation, or everything in between. They will help you to communicate effectively your thoughts and feelings.

  • They may allow you to live simply.
  • Emojis definitely live up to the saying “a picture is worth a thousand words”! In your upcoming round of speed networking, use emojis. You’ll be able to express your personality and message in a quicker, funnier manner. It will help you write less and communicate better. 

  • They can give you a cheerful and lively appearance.
  • Everyone has written a statement that, with the addition of a smiley face, would appear considerably more upbeat. So feel free to add a to show off your positive disposition. Sometimes, you can make a point or say something important but without emojis it will not have an impact. So learn to use the tiktok emojis list at your benefit.

  • They’ll allow you to be a personality  
  • When networking, it’s crucial to project a personable demeanor. Emojis can connect you person to person and provide the same benefits as attending an event in person. Emojis imitate the fact that emotions are shared by all people.

  • They can express the atmosphere of your exchange
  • The hardest emotions to convey online are definitely sarcasm and humor, but don’t feel like you have to give up on irony just yet. Since emojis can convey tone, nothing will be mistranslated. So it is time to use tiktok emojis.

    The list of all secret Tiktok emojis

    Show your happiness with the “happy” emoji»


    happy Tiktok emoji

    The “happy” emoji is very similar to the “smile” emoji which is much more classic and popular. However, the “happy” emoji is much more expressive, the mouth is widened which gives a more communicative effect.

    Shortcode: [happy]

    Description : This emoji looks like a baby. It has a pinkish color and very pronounced cheekbones. His mouth is open to show his satisfaction.

    Usage: This emoji can be used when you have received great news that makes you happy.


    Life is not always rosy: the cry emoji


    Cry Tiktok Emoji


    The tiktok “cry” emoji represents a blue face crying profusely. We have all experienced difficult moments that this emoji illustrates perfectly. It can also represent the emotion we feel when we see a cute or touching video.

    Shortcode: [cry]

    Description: a blue face with a wide open mouth, crying loudly.

    Usage: This emoji can be used to express sorrow or grief.


    The most surprising emoji of Tiktok


    Have you ever heard news that surprised, startled or shocked you? This emoji with raised eyebrows, wide open mouth and wide eyes expresses this feeling perfectly.

    Shortcode: [surprised]

    Description: A stunned face, with eyes wide open and eyebrows raised.

    Usage: allows to express the astonishment, the surprise.

    So far so good with the “complacent” emoji


    complacent hidden Tiktok emoji

    Although the name of this emoji is “self-indulgent”, the sunglasses rather brings out someone relaxed, chill with a certain satisfaction. The smirk still gives an air of satisfaction.

    Shortcode: [complacent]

    Description: A blue face with sunglasses and a sly smile.

    Usage: This emoji will be perfect to express a certain contentment, a moment of chill and relaxation.


    Drool: the hidden emoji of lovers


    drool hidden Tiktok emoji

    Want to tell your crush how much you love her? This emoji will be the one for you! The heart-shaped eyes and the mouth with a drooling thread express perfectly, the desire and the envy.

    Shortcode: [drool]

    Description: A pink face with heart-shaped eyes and a thread of slime.

    Usage: This emoji expresses the attraction, the desire, the envy.


    The Tiktok emoji that terrifies you


    Scream hidden Tiktok Emoji

    If you have just seen a scary video and you are at a loss for words to express your emotions, this emoji can perfectly replace a long message. This blue emoji holding the face with the mouth and eyes wide open represents fear, anxiety, fright.

    Shortcode: [scream]

    Description: A blue face with hands on her cheeks and mouth and eyes wide open.

    Usage: It allows to express fear, anxiety, fright or horror.


    If you feel sad…


    Weep hidden Tiktok emoji

    When you feel sad, when you feel the lack of someone, this emoji is the one you need. This sad face, with a tear in his eye and his mouth turned upside down makes us instantly think of sadness when we see it.

    Shortcode: [weep]

    Description: A blue face with tears running down her cheek and looking sad.

    Usage: Allows to express a deep sadness, a lack or sorrow.


    The speechless emoji


    The speechless hidden Tiktok emoji

    When you feel disillusioned, when the situation is so pathetic that it does not even deserve a response, this emoji is the one that best fits the situation.

    Shortcode: [speechless]

    Description: A green face with a tear running down the forehead, a slanted mouth and frowning eyebrows.

    Usage: Expresses disillusion and discomfort.




    Laughwithtears hidden tiktok emoji


    We all have in mind a video on Tiktok that made us cry with laughter. Sometimes words are not enough to express the feeling we feel when we see a video like that. This light pink emoji with its mouth wide open with visible teeth and tears of joy perfectly expresses this emotion.

    Shortcode: [laughwithtears]

    Description: A pale pink face laughing out loud and crying tears of joy.

    Usage: When something is really funny and makes you cry with laughter.


    In a pensive mood? Use the “facewithrollingeyes” emoji


    Facewitheyerollingeyes Hidden Tiktok emoji

    This hidden emoji from Tiktok represents a face raising its eyes to the sky. It can be used when you want to make clear that a situation leaves you pensive, exasperated or makes you think.

    Shortcode: [facewithrollingeyes]

    Description: A pale pink face with eyes raised to the sky.

    Usage: This Tiktok emoji can be perfectly used when you are pensive or when a situation exasperates you.


    Sulk : You didn’t have to get mad…


    Sulk hidden tiktok emoji

    This Tiktok emoji represents a red face with black eyes and puffy cheeks. It can be the perfect emoji to make your interlocutor understand that he is annoying you or that you are really not happy about a situation.

    Shortcode: [sulk]

    Description: A red face with frowning eyebrows and black eyes.

    Usage: It expresses anger and irritation.




    Thinking hidden tiktok emoji

    When the situation makes you confused, you do not understand it or you are in the middle of a reflection, this hidden emoji fits perfectly. It represents a face that is holding its chin and has a lost look.

    Shortcode: [thinking]

    Description: A yellow face with a pensive look and a hand on the chin.

    Usage: This Tiktok emoji can perfectly be used when you are pensive or when a situation leaves you perplexed.




    Lovely hidden Tiktok emoji

    Show all the affection you have for someone with the hidden “Lovely” emoji. It represents a pink face with red cheeks giving a kiss.

    Shortcode: [lovely]

    Description: A pink face with red cheeks giving a big kiss.

    Usage: It allows you to show your love, your tenderness or your affection to someone.


    The emoji of those who love money


    Greedy hidden tiktok Emoji

    We all know someone who loves money a little too much… This emoji is made for him ! It represents a pale pink dump with dollar-shaped eyes and a big smile.

    Shortcode: [greedy]

    Description: A face with a smile and eyes shaped like dollars.

    Usage: Can be used when you have earned money or when you want to show your materialistic side.


    This one will surprise you!


    Wow hidden tiktok Emoji

    These hidden emojis have a different shape than the others. It represents a stunned face with wide eyes. It allows to express astonishment, surprise.

    Shortcode: [wow]

    Description: A face with wide eyes and a wide open mouth.

    Usage: Can be used to express surprise and amazement.


    Show everyone your good mood with the “joyful” emoji


    Joyful hidden tiktok Emojis

    Some news brighten our days, make us smile. The “joyful” emoji represents this feeling perfectly. It is a happy face, with a smile that shows the teeth.

    Shortcode: [joyful]

    Description: A happy face smiling.

    Usage: To be used when a news makes you particularly happy.


    Hehe emojis


    hehe hidden tiktok emojis

    This hidden emoji and one of my favorites, is a mischievous face with a mischievous look with a smile. It’s perfect to use when you come to do a “sneaky” action that you’re proud of.

    Shortcode: [hehe]

    Description: A mischievous look with a smile.

    Usage: Ideal when you’ve done something mischievous that makes you smile or feel proud.


    The hidden TikTok emoji that will bring back bad memories to some…


    slap secret emoji Tiktok

    If you have ever misbehaved with someone, this emoji may bring back bad memories. It is a face with crosses instead of eyes, a crooked mouth and a slap mark on the cheek. This emoji is perfect when you have just been humiliated and put down or when someone has just been violent with you.

    Shortcode: [slap]

    Description: Face that has just been slapped on the cheek.

    Usage: When something or someone hits you, hurts you.

    Use as little as possible!


    tears hidden tiktok emoji

    Life is not always a long quiet river… The “tears” emoji shows a sad face with a fountain of tears under its eyes. It is obviously to be used when you feel sad, when a news affects you and makes you unhappy.

    Shortcode: [tears]

    Description: A sad face that cries profusely.

    Usage: Use when you feel sad or unhappy.


    This one will surprise you


    Stun hidden tiktok emojis

    Some news leaves us speechless, stunned or frozen in a stupor. The “stun” emoji illustrates this state perfectly. It shows a stunned and terrified face. It is perfect when a situation or a message surprises or terrifies you.

    Shortcode: [stun]

    Description:  A face with a drop of sweat on the forehead, mouth open and eyes terrified.

    Usage: When you are terrified, amazed, stunned by a message.


    The cutest emoji of Tiktok


    Cute hidden tiktok Emoji

    A message that fills you with tenderness and you suddenly become the cutest. The hidden emoji “Cute” represents a cute face with big eyes filled with tears. It is obviously to be used when you receive a cute message.

    Shortcode: [cute]

    Description: A face with big eyes filled with tears.

    Usage: Use this emoji when a message touches you and makes you happy.


    Express your love with “Blink


    Blink hidden tiktok emoji

    The “blink” emoji shows a happy face winking with a heart. It can simply be used when a message makes you happy or you want to express love and satisfaction.

    Shortcode: [blink]

    Description: Face winking with a heart.

    Usage: It can be used when you want to express your love or satisfaction.


    Disdain: the grumpy emoji


    Disdain Tiktok hidden emojis

    This hidden emoji expresses discontent, depression, dissatisfaction. It represents a face with dark circles, frowns, black eyes. It can be used when a situation annoys you or makes you tired.

    Shortcode: [disdain]

    Description: A disgruntled and tired face, with dark eyes and dark circles.

    Usage: Ideal when a situation or a person tires you, annoys you.




    astonish hidden tiktok Emojis

    Sometimes in life certain situations make us want to express our dissatisfaction. If this is your case, this emoji is for you! It is a tired and annoyed face, mouth open to shout its despair.

    Shortcode: [astonish]

    Description: An annoyed face that cries out to be fed up.

    Usage: Fits perfectly in the situation where you can shout your annoyance and annoyance.


    The scariest emoji !


    Rage hidden tiktok Emoji

    The “rage” emoji is perfectly named. It’s an angry red face with yellow eyes that perfectly represents rage. The frowning eyebrows also support the determination of the look.

    Shortcode: [rage]

    Description: A red face of rage and yellow eyes, the expression of this emoji shows that you are in a state of anger.

    Usage: When the situation makes you angry, extremely angry.


    Keep cool !


    Cool Hidden tiktok emoji

    The hidden emoji 35 is much nicer than 34. It shows a smiling face with sunglasses. It shows that you are having a good time and are relaxed or completely satisfied with the situation.

    Shortcode: [cool]

    Description: A delighted face with sunglasses.

    Usage: When you are relaxed or completely satisfied with a situation.




    Excited hidden tiktok emojis

    This hidden emoji shows a happy face with a big smile. It can express excitement or simply satisfaction.

    Shortcode: [excited]

    Description: A happy face with a huge smile.

    Usage: Use this emoji when you have just learned exciting news, when this news makes you happy.


    Expressed your pride !


    Proud hidden tiktok emojis

    This hidden emoji is also one of my favorites, when you use it in the right situation it can make the other person laugh. It represents a slightly arrogant and self-satisfied face.

    Shortcode: [proud]

    Description: A slightly arrogant face that shows that he is proud of what he has done or accomplished.

    Usage: When you are proud of yourself or want to be a little arrogant.




    Smileface hidden Tiktok Emojis

    The “smileface” emoji is one of the most expressive, just by looking at it it makes us smile. It represents a face with big eyes and a smile that shows the happiness of the person. The eyes give the face a sense of wonder, or a simple-minded, authentic side.

    Shortcode: [smileface]

    Description: A happy face with big eyes.

    Usage: When a message or situation surprises you but also makes you happy.


    The most diabolical hidden Tiktok emoji


    evil tiktok emojis

    The Tiktok evil emoji is certainly the one with the most double meaning. It is represented by a demon face with black eyes and vampire teeth. Instinctively, it can be used when you have just done something evil, when you want to express malice or wickedness. However, you can also use it when you want to bring out the bad boy or bad girl side, it helps to prioritize a discussion.

    Shortcode: [evil]

    Description: A purple face that represents an imp with vampire teeth.

    Usage: When you want to express malice or nastiness. Can also be used to respond to a naughty comment.




    Angel hidden tiktok emojis

    The “angel” emoji represents an angelic face, it has a slight smile with a halo above its head. Like the hidden “evil” emoji, it can have several meanings. First of all, it can express purity, when you have just done a good deed. But it can also express the exact opposite. When you have just done something mischievous, and you want to make humor, you can use this emoji.

    Shortcode: [angel]

    Description: Angelic face with a smile and a halo above his head.

    Usage: Allows to show your kindness, your purity. It can also be used to show your interest towards a person, to make him understand that you are not indifferent to him.




    laugh hidden tiktok emojis

    Some videos, some situations or some jokes can make you laugh to tears. This emoji represents that perfectly. It is a face that laughs to tears.

    Shortcode: [laugh]

    Description: Face that weeps with laughter.

    Usage: When something really makes you laugh.




    Pride hidden tiktok emojis

    This hidden Tiktok emoji shows you a face full of pride and arrogance. It can be used when someone touches your esteem. It shows that it does not affect you. You can also send this emoji when you are satisfied with yourself. It shows a face giving a kiss with a frown on it.

    Shortcode: [pride]

    Description: A face filled with pride giving a kiss and frowning.

    Usage: When someone is trying to upset you and you want to let them know that it’s not working or simply when you are happy with yourself.




    nap hidden tiktok emojis

    Some moments in life can be painful, especially when you are not in a good mood or are sad. The hidden Tiktok emoji “nap” shows a sad face with a runny nose and closed eyes.

    Shortcode: [nap]

    Description: A sad face with a runny nose and closed eyes.

    Usage: When you feel sad, when a situation makes you unhappy.


    The hidden emoji of lovers


    loveface hidden tiktok emojis

    If you are currently in love with someone, the “loveface” emoji will quickly become the one you use the most. It’s a smiley face with hearts instead of eyes. You can simply use it when you are in love or when a situation fills you with joy.

    Shortcode: [loveface]

    Description: A happy face with hearts instead of eyes.

    Usage: When a situation makes you happy or you are in love.




    Awkward secret tiktok emoji

    The hidden emoji “awkward” is perfect to use when a situation leaves you speechless, when you do not know how to respond to something that seems abject. It is represented by a face with a neutral or even disillusioned expression and a drop running down its forehead.

    Shortcode: [awkward]

    Description: A disillusioned face with a drop of perspiration running down his forehead.

    Usage: You can use it when a situation leaves you disillusioned.




    Shock secret tiktok emoji

    The last hidden emoji represents a blue face of annoyance, with drops of sweat running down his face. His mouth is wide open to show his displeasure. It is ideal when you want to express your anger when the situation makes you angry.

    Shortcode: [shock]

    Description: A blue face with an open mouth and drops of sweat running down the face.

    Usage: Allows you to express your anger and dissatisfaction with a situation.