How to become verified on Tiktok

How to become verified on Tiktok

05 December, 2022
How to become verified on Tiktok

A blue tick on TikTok indicates that an account’s identity has been verified.  Just like on other social media networks, verification is typically only given to influencers, brands, or celebrities. Copycats are most likely to target these accounts. However, you don’t need to be incredibly well-known to become verified on TikTok. In fact, TikTok has certified a wide variety of businesses and personal accounts. What is a verified tiktok account on TikTok and how to get verified on tiktok?


Why should you verify on TikTok?


Why should you verify on TikTok?


Getting TikTok verification might help you develop and reinforce your brand. No matter what you do for a living (singer, actor, writer, or even business owner), a TikTok verified badge can catapult your career to new heights. The following are some justifications for getting confirmed.

  • Dependable: Verified accounts routinely exchange messages, increasing their level of credibility. Your favorite influencers or celebrities may actually respond to your comments and direct messages (DMs) on the app if you are verified. They might even respond to your pleas for business relationships. You must therefore get tiktok verified for this reason.
  • Authenticity: Have you ever observed how certain social media profiles persistently present themselves as someone they are not? TikTok has confirmed your identity if you have a verification badge. The blue checkmark next to your user name instills confidence and lets visitors know you’re the real deal,
  • Exposure: There are rumors that the TikTok algorithm favors verified accounts, although these are unsubstantiated. Therefore, verified accounts are more likely to show up on your FYP. More visibility translates into more likes, which can result in more followers and more sales.


Get verified on TikTok : how do you make it happen?


There are several requirements to get tiktok verified. First of all, if you want to know many followers on tiktok to get verified, you have to understand that there is no ideal number. TikTok doesn’t automatically verify massive accounts, which explains why some well-known creators have tens of thousands, if not millions, of fans, yet no blue tick. In the past, TikTok had a proprietary, top-secret verification method. Employees would look for and award TikTok verification badges to content creators of excellent, well-liked videos. Users of TikTok can now ask for verification inside the app. 

If you want to know how to get verified on tiktok in 5 minutes, you must request your verification on the platform. You might not have this choice yet since TikTok first made it possible to ask for authentication in November 2022. But if you do, starting the TikTok authentication procedure is actually quite simple.

  • Open the TikTok app and hit the Menu button in the top right after selecting your Profile in the bottom right corner.
  • Select Privacy and Settings.
  • Tap Verification after selecting Manage account. You can only apply for Business Verification if your account is set up as a Business Account. You can apply for Personal and Institutional Verifications if you have enrolled as a Personal Account.
  • To submit a verification request, follow the instructions in the app.

You’ll need to wait while the TikTok team reviews your application after you’ve submitted it. It’s unclear how long that delay might last. It can take up to 30 days in some circumstances.


4 tips to get verified on TikTok 


tips to get verified on TikTok 


The simple part is applying for TikTok verification. But the question is how do you get verified on tiktok undoubtedly? That’s a little more difficult. However, the following advice and strategies will increase your chances of being confirmed by TikTok personnel, who award users with the coveted blue check.


Identify your niche and continue creating


It takes frequent posting of engaging and genuine content to build any brand on social media. It’s simpler to draw in, hold onto, and expand your following if you become known for something. Because of this, it’s critical to get started creating catchy, compelling content and keep your foot on the gas. Keeping up with TikTok’s challenges and popular hashtags is beneficial. It is undeniable that TikTok users favor businesses who follow the app’s trends. Additionally, you should analyze your own videos, respect tiktok video dimensions, etc. What kind of information is succeeding and what is landing more forcefully? This can show you what publishing times produce the best results and help you gauge the impact of your material.


Become verified on another social media platform


You can also apply for verification on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, among other social media platforms. And after receiving approval on one platform, your chances of receiving verification on another increase significantly. Each of the platforms has a unique set of requirements that users must fulfill in order to be verified. Twitter confirms well-known, active accounts that fit into one of its six categories, while Facebook prefers to verify accounts that are official, professional representations of a company. You can be required to offer evidence of legitimacy or notoriety in some circumstances. Instagram is a challenging target to hit. In essence, it will only confirm accounts with a high likelihood of being impersonated.

Getting verified on other social platforms increases your chances of getting TikTok verified. A blue checkmark on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram lets the TikTok team know that you’re a person with real cachet on the internet. And you can connect those accounts to your TikTok account. Verification on several other platforms may even help you get verified on TikTok without having any followers!


Be popular or have viral contents


This one could appear to be rather obvious. However, before being verified, most TikTik accounts have at least one significant viral explosion. If you feature in the platform’s “For You” tab, your audience and following will probably grow dramatically. You will also come to TikTok’s attention. Two of the primary characteristics TikTok looks for when authenticating accounts are high activity and engagement. Going viral certainly fits those criteria. There are several things you can do to improve your case even if there is no exact science to being popular on TikTok. Once you succeed in going viral, getting verified will be simpler.


Follow the rules on Tiktok


Like any other social media network, TikTok will only validate accounts that abide by its terms of service and community rules. TikTok’s moderators will flag your account if you break those guidelines. A flag, unfortunately, is likely to make it more difficult for you to be verified. Don’t focus too much on verification, despite the fact that it seems paradoxical. You’ll succeed if you follow the instructions and achieve the goals listed above in a genuine, natural way. Just remember to enjoy yourself as well.