How to watch a story on Instagram anonymously? 

How to watch a story on Instagram anonymously? 

16 July, 2023
How to watch a story on Instagram anonymously? 

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Instagram stories have become important on the platform on so many levels. Billions of stories are ready to be viewed on the platform. It’s vital to keep in mind that when watching Instagram Stories, the individual who uploaded the story can see who watched it. This is often not an issue, but on occasion you might want to view someone’s Instagram Stories anonymously. You could, for instance, not want your crush to discover that you are reading his or her stories. Or perhaps you work for a corporation that wishes to monitor its rivals and you may not want to be catched watching competitors’ stories. There are a few ways to watch an Instagram story anonymously if you don’t want to be seen. How to view instagram stories anonymously?

Is it possible to watch stories anonymously on Instagram?

As of the most recent update, neither the Instagram app nor website offered any official means of view Instagram stories anonymously. Instagram normally alerts the account owner that you have seen their post when you watch someone else’s story. It is prohibited by Instagram’s policies and rules to be watching users’ stories unidentified. As a result, there is no official anonymous Instagram story viewer, and there is no chance that one will ever be released. There are, however, solutions for viewing Instagram stories privately. There are various third-party applications or websites that offer what they called anonymous Instagram story viewing. When utilizing such services, use caution since they can be against Instagram’s terms of service, putting your account at risk of suspension or other consequences.

4 different ways to view Instagram stories anonymously

With these 4 strategies, you will watch instagram stories without being noticed:

Sliding and viewing From adjacent stories

By selecting the Story link next to the Instagram Story you want to see, you can decide to view the Instagram Story of another account. Holding the swipe allows you to see the first frame of the next account’s Story without actually clicking on it because Instagram runs Stories back-to-back. This suggests that even if your name is not on the “Seen by” list, you might still be able to understand the main points of the first Story.

Similar to this, clicking on the first Story of the account behind someone and swiftly scrolling back to see the last Story of the prior account will allow you to watch the last frame of their Instagram Story. With this technique, a story’s middle frames cannot be seen in their entirety.

Create a new Instagram account to view a story without being seen

Create a new Instagram account to view a story

This is a simple method to watch instagram stories anonymously. To access Instagram Stories that hide your genuine identity, you must first sign up for an account on the social media platform. You can use a different Instagram account for other Instagram activities if you don’t want your real name to be shown, which is an advantage of doing so.

Making a new Instagram account is simple. We advise using a VPN or mobile data to set up an Instagram account from a different IP address to make sure Instagram does not detect your new page. It is simple to spy on someone and read Instagram Stories from a different Instagram account once it has been made. You now understand how to view instagram stories secretly by using a separate account.

Change your phone to airplane mode

This method is simpler to use if you want to watch instagram stories anonymously:

  • Log in to Instagram by opening the app.
  • Find the user whose story you want to see in anonymous mode.
  • Wait for their story to appear at the top of the screen once you have reached their profile
  • After the story loads, switch your device to Airplane mode to cut off the internet
  • Now click the user’s story to view it in the usual way. Close the Instagram app and turn off Airplane mode after viewing the story
  • The user will not be informed that you have viewed their Instagram story. You would have succeeded in watching instagram stories anonymously.

Anonymous Instagram Story Viewers: Explore Stories Secretly

There are several ways for users to watch instagram stories anonymously. The benefit of this strategy is that it doesn’t cost anything and doesn’t call for any additional Instagram accounts, downloads, installations, or platform logins.

You can see instagram stories anonymous that have been downloaded to your device from a public Instagram account using these anonymous Instagram viewers. To download Instagram Stories using these tools, you must be following public accounts, so keep that in mind.

View Stories Anonymously

Here are the best Instagram Story viewers for viewing stories secretly are listed below:

IgAgony: Free and Private Instagram Story Viewer & Downloader

IgAgony: Free and Private Instagram Story Viewer & Downloader

You may watch videos, pictures, and more from anyone you’re interested in using this free, completely private Instagram Story Viewer & Downloader. You can now keep up with the most recent news and postings without letting Instagram know what you’re doing! This app is accessible on both a laptop and a phone. You will like it and find it simple to use.

StoriesIG: Anonymous Browsing and Instagram Video Downloader

StoriesIG: Anonymous Browsing and Instagram Video Downloader

With the “Viewer” function of StoriesIG, you can browse through Instagram profiles in an anonymous manner without leaving any digital footprints. Utilizing this feature allows you to freely browse Instagram profiles without drawing attention to yourself or risking detection. The goal of StoriesIG is to make it easier to download Instagram videos for any desired use. One of the features of StoriesIG is the ability to download both single and numerous videos from Instagram carousels. With the help of StoriesIG’s IGTV downloader, you may save the videos to your device and watch them later. You can access videos even when your internet connection is down or the original IGTV video has been deleted.

Insta Stories Viewer: Watch Instagram Stories Anonymously

With the functioning service, you may watch instagram stories anonymously from both your computer and mobile device without having to register or sign into your account. You may view and download IGTV, download stories, and watch any user’s live Instagram stream with this app.

InstaNavigation: View User Activity Privately and Download IGTV Stories

InstaNavigation: View User Activity Privately and Download IGTV Stories

With this tool, you always have the option of viewing the user’s activity stream without having to login and download a mobile application. Additionally, you don’t need to worry that your activity will be noticed as, when using our service, you are completely invisible to the owner of the user account being consulted. Every InstaNavigation user has the option of downloading IGTV stories or videos to their computer, smartphone, or tablet. Don’t miss the chance to record crucial information for yourself.

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