How to calculate salary on Tiktok?

How to calculate salary on Tiktok?

28 March, 2023
How to calculate salary on Tiktok?

Calculate your salary on Tiktok

Although it might seem difficult to achieve to some, TikTok money is real, and if you master the craft of video creation and all the marketing strategies required to become well-known, it can be a very profitable route. There are numerous ways to generate income from this platform. Regardless of whether they are influencers or content creators, Tiktok users have the ability to evaluate their prospective revenue. These calculations are performed using a variety of tiktok earnings calculator, which are available. These are essential tools for anyone trying to make money off of Tiktok. How much money can you make on tiktok? How to calculate your salary on Tiktok? 

Can you earn money on Tiktok?

Can you earn money on Tiktok?

On TikTok, there are primarily two ways for anyone to make money. Influencer marketing is the method that is used most frequently. By using influencer marketing, you advertise various businesses or goods on your videos. In essence, this implies creating sponsored commercials for products or brands in order to increase sales. Selling your own goods or services in your videos is the second option to make money on TikTok. You may promote your online classes or your cosmetics business, for instance.

You will undoubtedly need significant traction on your videos, whether you are engaging in influencer marketing or advertising your own products and services. This means that you will require a significant number of followers, comments, likes, and views before your profile generates sufficient interaction for the brand’s adverts to be worthwhile. Typically, each video requires more than 100,000 followers and hundreds of comments.

There are other means to earning money on Tiktok such as participating in an affiliate program, promoting songs, joining Tiktok Creator Fund, publishing sponsored posts, becoming brands ambassador, starting a Patreon account, etc. You can earn a lot of money on Tiktok if you know how to go about it. From as little as $0.02 to $0.04 per 1,000 views, you can earn millions if you have a lot of views.

How to calculate your money on Tiktok?

How to calculate your money on Tiktok?

Do you want to know how much money do tiktokers make by posting videos? There are many TikTok money estimators available that will help you determine how much you will make. There are numerous ways to figure out how much money you make based on the money that influencers receive from the TikTok Creator Fund and the amount of money that Playlist Push creators can earn.

  • How does a calculator work?

Your remuneration for each video on TikTok is determined by a combination of “authentic” views and engagement. The Community Guidelines and Terms of Service must also be followed by the video. Additionally, rewards do not take into account duets, stitches, or live streams. On average, TikTok pays $0.03 per 1,000 views from the TikTok Creator Fund. From $0.02 to $0.04 per 1,000 views, according to creators, with an average of $0.03. So if you go to a tiktok money calculator, you can put in the information regarding your videos and you will know or estimate how much money does tiktok pay.

  • Tiktok pay VS Playlist Push 

Playlist Push offers up to $30 for 50,000 views, whereas TikTok pays around $1.50 for 50,000 views. Playlist Push can pay up to $50 for 100,000 views on TikTok, and the platform pays about $3 for every 100,000 views. On Tiktok, you will receive payment of about $15 for 500K views; in contrast, Playlist Push will pay up to $250 for 500,000 views. On TikTok, you will be paid $30 for every million views, while Playlist Push will pay you up to $500.

5 Best Tiktok earning calculators

Knowing how much money you can make on Tiktok is crucial if you’re an influencer or content provider. These are the best Tiktok calculators you have as an option on the market:

1. TikTok Influencer Earnings Calculator

Influencer Marketing Hub

This tool is related to TikTok, and as it was designed just for TikTok, it is one of the greatest TikTok revenue calculators. TikTok does not currently offer pay-per-click commercials as YouTube does, but they are working on it. As a result, influencers must rely on company sponsorships and endorsements to make money. These brands utilize organic interactions as a basis for deciding whether to hire you or how much to pay you in order to offer these sponsorships. The TikTok revenue calculator is useful in this section when talking about engagements. With the aid of this tool, you may estimate the number of engagements and the engagement rate with a high degree of accuracy.

This TikTok influencer money calculator stands out from the competition because, in contrast to other calculators, it determines the rate of engagements and displays the results in simple, eye-catching graphs. Which puts it among the greatest calculators available just on that basis. Although the user interface may use some improvement, it is still a very useful tool for estimating TikTok revenue.

2. Exolyt TikTok Money Calculator

Exolyt TikTok Money Calculator

This tool is specifically designed to figure out TikTok profits. Exolyt’s engagement tracking tool is useful, but it highlights the value of influencer marketing most significantly with its TikTok money calculator. This is demonstrated by a few of the cutting-edge features in the tool settings, which include tabs for Trends and Leaderboards, respectively.

Users of TikTok may keep track of popular users and hot topics by using these two categories. Engagements with trending topics are a minefield, and greater involvement equates to more money. It is crucial to continuously monitor these trends. The Exolyt TikTok money calculator makes use of a number of variables to provide statistics that can be used to monitor and increase engagements. These analytics were created using data on geography, target market, and profile specialty.

3. FeedPixel


The most recent TikTok currency calculating tool is probably called FeedPixel. It is the finest TikTok money calculator, which is loaded with a ton of new features. In addition to assisting you in estimating your earning potential, this tool also connects you with influencers in the market you have selected. FeedPixel organizes the influencers and it pairs you into categories to improve the overall experience. Influencers can be divided into four groups according to their level of experience.

These categories are:

  • Nano Influencers
  • Mid-Tier Influencers
  • Micro-Influencers
  • Macro-Influencers

When it comes to increasing your TikTok profits, these matches can help your account establish itself as an influencer. 

4. Igface Tiktok calculator

Igface, which is not connected to TikTok, performs admirably when it comes to predicting possible earnings from Tiktok. This tools calculates your potential income as an influencer based on organic engagements (likes, comments, and followers).

You can use this estimate to determine the price to charge for promotions or sponsorships. This makes it much more likely that brands and influencers will charge fairly.

5. Likigram one of the best tools to calculate your potential income

Likigram is a strong contender for the best TikTok currency converter application thanks to its highly dynamic user interface. You don’t need to log in to this simple application to get estimates. Instead, you must type the name of the account you wish to access, after which the engagements for that account are displayed.

As some tools may potentially sell your account information to third parties if you log in with them, this guarantees that your account information is secure.