The 10 highest paid people on Tiktok

The 10 highest paid people on Tiktok

01 July, 2023
The 10 highest paid people on Tiktok

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In the vast realm of social media, TikTok has emerged as one of the most widely used platforms, captivating over 1.7 billion users worldwide. With its diverse range of content and ever-growing popularity, TikTok continues to attract millions of users, opening doors to immense opportunities and potential earnings for talented individuals. If you’ve ever wondered who receives the highest salaries on TikTok and how these TikTokers make money, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we delve into the lives of the top earners, unveiling their remarkable success stories and shedding light on their incredible earnings.

The Highest-Paid TikTok Influencers: Unveiling the Stars Dominating the Platform

1. Charli D’Amelio: Leading the Pack with $20 Million Earnings

Charli D’Amelio, a name that echoes throughout the TikTok community, stands tall as the highest-paid TikTok influencer in 2023. This talented young star first rose to fame by sharing her mesmerizing dance videos on TikTok in June 2019. Within a remarkably short span, her videos captured the hearts of millions, propelling her to unprecedented levels of success.

Notably, Charli D’Amelio’s popularity transcended TikTok as she appeared as a guest on Jimmy Fallon’s The Tonight Show and even performed as the opening act for the Jonas Brothers. Her charismatic presence caught the attention of renowned brands, such as Prada and EOS Cosmetics, leading to collaborations and lucrative partnerships.

Charli D’Amelio’s remarkable earnings of $20 million a year through TikTok dwarfed the incomes of top CEOs from prominent publicly traded companies. Her success story serves as a testament to the boundless possibilities that await talented individuals in the realm of social media.

2. Dixie D’Amelio: Rise to Fame and $10 Million TikTok Income

Dixie D’Amelio, the older sister of Charli D’Amelio, embarked on her own journey to stardom on TikTok. Collaborating and sharing content with her sister significantly amplified their collective visibility, catapulting them to new heights of fame. While Charli focused on dance videos, Dixie ventured into music, releasing her debut song, “Be Happy,” in June 2020.

Dixie D’Amelio’s musical aspirations proved to be a massive success, as “Be Happy” soared to the top of various charts, including the Top Triller U.S. and Top Triller Global published by Billboard. Her subsequent releases, “Psycho” and “F-kBoy,” further cemented her position in the music industry. Notably, she also appeared alongside her sister in reality TV shows such as “The D’Amelio Show” on Hulu and the Snapchat series “Charli vs. Dixie“.

Estimates indicate that Dixie D’Amelio earns an impressive $10 million a year through her TikTok endeavors. Her multifaceted talents and relentless pursuit of success make her an influential figure for aspiring TikTokers seeking insights on how to make money on TikTok.

3. Addison Rae: From TikTok Dancing Sensation to $8.5 Million Success

Addison Rae tiktok

Addison Rae Easterling, known for her captivating dance moves, swiftly rose to fame after joining TikTok. Within a year, she amassed over a million followers, attracting attention from brands and paving the way for her journey to financial success. Her first sponsored post with the online retailer Fashion Nova marked the beginning of a flourishing career.

Recognizing her potential, Addison Rae decided to wholeheartedly pursue stardom, making a pivotal move to Los Angeles, California. There, she collaborated with fellow TikTok influencers to establish Hype House, a collective known for its viral content. Addison Rae’s popularity led to partnerships with renowned brands like Reebok and Daniel Wellington, resulting in a remarkable income of $8.5 million annually.

Not content with her achievements, Addison Rae expanded her entrepreneurial ventures by becoming the chief spokesperson for American Eagle and developing her own makeup line, Item Beauty, in collaboration with beauty start-up Madeby. Her journey exemplifies the incredible opportunities that await those who dedicate themselves to their passions on TikTok.

4. Bella Poarch: From TikTok Sensation to Pop Star and $5 Million Earner

Bella Poarch tiktok account

Born in the Philippines and raised in an adopted family, Bella Poarch’s captivating presence on TikTok opened doors to new horizons. Her popularity as a TikTok sensation provided her with opportunities to pursue a career as a pop singer. Bella Poarch signed a deal with Warner Records and released her track, “Build a Bitch” which garnered numerous nominations and achieved a commendable position on the Billboard pop charts.

Bella Poarch’s rise to fame was accelerated by a viral YouTube video in which she lip-synced to Millie B’s “Soph Aspin Send.” Surpassing 80 million followers, she rose to become the third-most followed account on TikTok, solidifying her status as a prominent figure on the platform.

With an estimated annual earning of $5 million, Bella Poarch’s journey showcases the transformative power of TikTok in catapulting individuals to fame and success.

5. Josh Richards: The Bad Boy Heartthrob Dominating TikTok and Making $5 Million

Josh Richards tiktok

Josh Richards, a TikTok sensation known for his lip-sync, dance, and singing videos, has carved a niche for himself as the resident bad boy and heartthrob of TikTok. Leveraging his popularity, he secured a song contract with Warner Records and garnered sponsorships from notable brands like HouseParty and Reebok.

Richards’s entrepreneurial spirit led him to co-found the talent management firm Talent X and establish his own energy drink brand, Ani Energy. Additionally, he assumed the role of Chief Strategy Officer at Triller, a social media platform, further solidifying his position as an industry leader.

With an estimated annual income of $5 million, Josh Richards’s success story inspires aspiring TikTok creators to explore their potential and discover innovative ways to monetize their content.

6. Kris Collins: How a Vancouver Hairstylist Earns $5 Million on TikTok and YouTube

Kris Collins, a hairstylist based in Vancouver, Canada, defied expectations by amassing a massive and dedicated following on both TikTok and YouTube. While many content creators struggle to excel on multiple platforms, Collins’s unique comedic sketches, often featuring her family members, resonated with audiences, propelling her to rapid fame.

Collins’s rise to prominence serves as a testament to the accessibility of TikTok for aspiring influencers who are willing to put in the hard work, dedication, and love for their craft. Her estimated annual earnings of $5 million showcase the vast opportunities that await talented individuals in the realm of social media.

7. Avani Gregg: From Clown Girl to Millionaire TikTok Star, Earning $4.9 Million

Avani Gregg, renowned for her clown-inspired videos on TikTok, quickly gained fame within the platform. Her cosmetic instructions and tutorials captivated audiences, propelling her to the status of a top TikTok star. In 2019, she joined Hype House alongside Charli D’Amelio, further solidifying her influence.

Avani Gregg’s journey extended beyond TikTok, as she ventured into acting with a role in the movie “Chicken Girls” and hosted a Facebook Watch talk program addressing issues impacting Generation Z. Additionally, she secured sponsorship deals with reputable companies like NYX Cosmetics and established a line of influencer-specific merchandise.

With an impressive annual income of $4.9 million, Avani Gregg’s story inspires aspiring TikTok creators to embrace their unique personalities and leverage their passions to achieve success on the platform.

8. Khaby Lame: The Senegalese TikTok Star Taking Italy by Storm and Making $4 Million

Khaby Lame tiktok

Khaby Lame, a Senegalese content creator and social media star, rose to prominence in Italy through his TikTok videos. Initially joining TikTok in March 2020 as a means to pass the time during quarantine, Lame’s videos struck a chord with viewers who grew tired of meaningless web content. As a result, his videos began going viral, propelling him to fame.

Khaby Lame currently manages himself and boasts an impressive following on Twitter and Instagram, in addition to TikTok. With over 62 million followers on the platform, Lame’s unique style and relatability have endeared him to audiences worldwide.

With an estimated annual earning of $4 million, Khaby Lame’s success exemplifies the power of authentic and relatable content to captivate and resonate with global audiences.

9. Brent Rivera: Amping Up TikTok and Making $2.2 Million with Eva Gutowski

Brent Austin Rivera, an American actor, social media influencer, and YouTuber, gained early recognition through the now-defunct video streaming service, Vine. Today, he boasts a substantial fan base across various platforms, including Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube.

Since February 2020, Brent Rivera has been in a relationship with Eva Gutowski, a fellow social media influencer. The couple’s close friendship blossomed into a romantic partnership, which they often document and share with their followers. Together, they enjoy activities like dining on sushi and embarking on Disneyland vacations.

With an estimated annual income of $2.2 million, Brent Rivera continues to inspire and entertain his audience with his engaging content and collaborations with other notable influencers.

10. Riyaz Aly: India’s Fashion Blogger Turned TikTok Star Earning $2 Million

Riyaz Aly tiktok account

Riyaz Aly, a fashion blogger and TikTok influencer hailing from India, initially gained recognition for his videos on Instagram before transitioning to TikTok. With a focus on duet videos and comedic content, Riyaz Aly quickly captured the attention of viewers and found success on the platform.

His rising fame earned him appearances in well-known Indian videos, with each appearance reportedly earning him $35,000. As the highest-earning TikTok celebrity in India, Riyaz Aly’s success reflects the tremendous opportunities available to content creators in the digital age.

With an estimated annual income of $2 million, Riyaz Aly serves as an inspiration for aspiring Indian TikTok creators, demonstrating that passion, creativity, and dedication can pave the way to financial success.

In conclusion, TikTok has not only revolutionized the way we consume content but has also presented incredible opportunities for individuals to transform their passions into profitable careers. From the highest-earning influencer, Charli D’Amelio, to rising stars like Addison Rae and Bella Poarch, TikTok’s diverse landscape continues to breed success stories across various niches and interests.

While these top earners have managed to monetize their TikTok presence through brand partnerships, sponsored content, music careers, and entrepreneurial endeavors, it’s essential to acknowledge that success on TikTok is not solely determined by financial gains. The platform provides a space for creative expression, community building, and the cultivation of personal brands.

As the TikTok landscape evolves and new stars emerge, the potential for financial success and widespread recognition remains within reach for those who can harness their creativity, captivate audiences, and adapt to the ever-changing trends of the platform.