Instagram story: The 2023 guide / All about Instagram stories

Instagram story: The 2023 guide / All about Instagram stories

25 December, 2022
Instagram story: The 2023 guide / All about Instagram stories

More than 500 million people use mobile devices every day to upload and view Instagram Stories. Furthermore, one-third of customers say that articles on specific businesses and products that highlight such elements catch their interest. In conclusion, IG Stories broaden your audience, boost engagement, and, in some cases, have a favorable effect on consumer behavior. Use Instagram Stories to create stories in order to build real relationships with your target audience and encourage engagement. Actually, the instagram story feature was developed to help businesses quickly demonstrate to their followers their key selling points through the use of brief photos and videos. Furthermore, Stories give a little view into the activity that happens behind the scenes, which is quite popular with followers.

What is an IG Story?

Instagram Stories is an in-app feature where users may post images or videos that instantly vanish after 24 hours. By design, they are brief, memorable, and pleasant, and they are arranged vertically. When you upload a Story, a colorful ring appears around your profile picture to let your followers know they may tap on it to see what you just wrote. Additionally, your profile picture with the colorful ring around it gets extended to fill the top row of your followers’ home screens, making it the first thing they see. Since Instagram Stories disappear after 24 hours, as opposed to your permanent curated feed, brands may quickly experiment with different forms of content on the platform.

What is an IG Story

Small business owners post everything to their stories, including candid recordings of their daily activities, pictures of their newest products, and little videos of them answering frequently requested questions. Brands can also thank their customers by sharing their followers’ posts and stories in their own Stories. With a 9:16 aspect ratio, the ideal Instagram story size is 1080 pixels wide by 1920 pixels tall. Videos and images appear best when uploaded vertically; if you post them sideways, they won’t look well. The short list of requirements is as follows: JPG or PNG-formatted image files that are under 30 MB in size are preferred. You must understand that it is easy to know how to change background color on instagram story.To begin, simply launch Instagram Story, take an image, and select the brush symbol. You can change the backdrop color by selecting a color you like and tapping the screen briefly.

How to post a Story on Instagram

How to Post a Story on Instagram

Here are few steps you can use to create your IG stories :

  • Step 1

Go to your home page and swipe left from anywhere on the screen to launch the Instagram camera app. You may also access the Instagram camera by choosing “Story” from the menu that comes after clicking the “+” icon in the upper right corner of your screen.

  • Step 2:

You can opt to expand your story by touching the white circle in the bottom-middle of the screen. Alternatively, by tapping the album icon in the lower-left corner of the camera application, you can upload previously created photo or video content. If you want to submit an existing photo, the Instagram Story dimensions are 1080 by 1920 pixels. If you choose to quickly produce fresh content, you can come up with a choice of storylines:

  • Standard : it is a regular video or photo that you use to create your IG stories
  • Text Create : It is writing or adding a text on a solid backdrop in a picture. Text Stories are typically used by accounts to ask a question, tell a sotory, or write mini-blog posts within Instagram Stories, conduct surveys,etc.
  • Level : According to Instagram, a perfectly level image or video is typically used for Stories with landscapes and horizons. Before taking a picture or video, you can use this function to make sure you’re holding your smartphone straight
  • Boomerang : a very brief video that loops backwards and forth
  • Photobooth. it is a single story that is created out of four consecutive photo shots
  • Layout : it is a collage made up of various images
  • Multi-capture. it is a series of images taken in quick succession to create a story.
  • Step 3:

After you’ve creating your story, you may add text, drawings, stickers, filters, and more to make it more appealing. You can also connect with your followers through polls, games, and other interesting features and mention or tag other users. If you want to make Stories even faster, you may bulk-produce your content in advance and schedule those stories using a variety of methods. When posting stories, notice that it is possible to change instagram story background using the options you have on the app.

What is the IG Story Highlights and Story Archive feature?

You can tap on Story Highlights to view the collections of your chosen Stories that they represent. They are shown on your profile’s home page. They were created in 2017 to enable readers to save their preferred or most important Stories for more than 24 hours. Because they are displayed just below your bio, story highlights are one of the first things your followers see when they visit your profile. Another great way to keep reviews on your account is through highlights. Put your product’s favorable testimonials from prior customers in a Highlight Bubble to preserve them rather than let them disappear.

What is the IG Story Highlights and Story Archive feature?

In addition to Highlights, Instagram also included the Story Archive feature. When your Story is deleted from your profile, it is instantly archived in your Story Archive, where it can only be accessed by you using your settings. You can watch expired Stories again or include them in a Story Highlight by downloading them from the Archive to your device. You can learn how to repost a story on Instagram from the archive using this tool.

Instagram Story Features that Boost Engagement

Instagram Stories are especially powerful because they humanize your brand, which boosts engagement and brand loyalty. Most of your followers already love your business. To promote interaction, you can use a variety of components in your story. You may use a variety of stickers on your Instagram stories, including shopping stickers, stickers that promote small businesses, quiz stickers, question stickers, poll stickers, contribution stickers, hashtag stickers, location stickers, mention stickers, and more.

Instagram Story Features that Boost Engagement

Then, you have the option of including links in your Instagram stories. How to add a link to instagram story ? First record or upload the information to your tale in order to do it. Choose the sticker tool from the top navigation bar after that. After adding the desired connection using the “Link” sticker, touch “Done.” Finally, like our other stickers, place the sticker on your tale. Tap the sticker to view several color options.

To enhance your Instagram stories, incorporating music is an option. There are various ways to add music in your Instagram Story, each providing a different range of songs. You have the ability to select from Instagram’s music library, as well as renowned music platforms like Apple Music, Soundcloud, Spotify, and Shazam. Finding a track – or segment of a track – that fits within that time restriction is crucial because Instagram stories can last up to 15 seconds each. Let’s look at your alternatives for finding a song that complements your story.

This is how to add music to instagram story :

  •       Launch the Instagram app and select the + icon in the upper-right corner of the display. You can create your Instagram Story on this screen by clicking “Add to Story.”
  •       You can choose from Instagram’s music collection once your Story (video, photo, GIF, etc.) has been created.
  •       Tap the Music sticker after selecting the Sticker button to add a tune to your Story.
how to add music to instagram story

Remember that due to copyright constraints, not all songs are available in every nation. The song choices for business accounts are also more constrained. You are able to add songs from Apple Music, Soundcloud, and Spotify. So, it is important you know how to put music on instagram story.

Important things to know about Instagram stories

Here is what you must know to be able to post outstanding IG stories

How to go live on your Instagram story ?

How to go live on your Instagram story ?

Going live on Instagram Stories can be done in a variety of ways. People can still view the replay even when they were not able to watch you live. You can post a replay of your live video to their Instagram stories for the same 24-hour period. Simply click the share button after your live stream is over, and it will be immediately added to your Instagram story. People who follow on your account can view the live broadcast that they missed by visiting your profile. Under your profile images in the stories bar, they will see a play button. Another way to do it is to let your followers know before you go live by sharing the information on your Instagram stories. You can choose an image to serve as the story’s backdrop and add wording that encourages readers to take an action like visiting your live stream to get started. When sharing the story with your followers, you can utilize several sticker types to inform them of your live event.

How to add a link in your Instagram story?

How to add a link in your Instagram story?

A link makes it easier for your followers to get the content you want to provide, boosts conversions, and encourages natural conversation. You must first click the Plus (+) icon in the Instagram app in order to add a link to an Instagram story. Next, click the “story” option to enter your gallery and choose the media you’ll be using for your story. Then, to add it to your IG story, click the Sticker icon. Type your URL and pinch the sticker to change its size. You can then choose various stickers and include your call to action. Instagram users can tap the link sticker and then tap the Visit Link pop-up to access the URL after it has gone live.

Which format to choose for your Instagram story ?

Which format to choose for your Instagram story ?

The size of an Instagram Story is 1080 pixels width by 1920 pixels high (1080 x 1920, or 1080p resolution). Your Instagram Story size should be 9:16 in aspect ratio. The following file types can be uploaded to Instagram Stories: MP4, MOV, or GIF. The maximum video length is 15 seconds, and the minimum width is 500 pixels. An Instagram Story video you record on your phone will likely have dimensions of 1080 by 1920 pixels, so you won’t need to resize it. To ensure that your video has the right dimensions, you’ll need to use a video editing application if you’re utilizing a different camera or an unusual setup. Although it could appear to be a lot of work, it is essential for the user experience and for increasing Story engagement.

How to share an Instagram story?

How to share an Instagram story ?

Instagram stories can be shared in a variety of ways. If someone tags you in a story, you can share or repost it. There isn’t yet a feature that enables untagged reposting of stories. Go to your direct messages, discover the notification about tagging, and open it. Send it immediately by choosing “Add to Your Story.” Even editing the plot with stickers and other elements is possible. Additionally, you have the option of sharing an Instagram post to your story. It is possible to share a story on the platform that you find without getting tagged. In that situation, the account of the original poster must be set to “Public.”

Instagram story FAQs

Q1: What is an IG Story?

A: Instagram Stories are brief, vertical photos or videos that disappear after 24 hours. They allow you to share content that is memorable and engaging with your followers.

Q2: How do I post a Story on Instagram?

A: To post an Instagram Story, swipe left from your home page or tap the “+” icon. You can capture a new photo or video or choose one from your camera roll. Then, add text, stickers, filters, or other engaging elements to enhance your Story.

Q3: What are IG Story Highlights and Story Archive?

A: IG Story Highlights are collections of your chosen Stories that are displayed on your profile’s home page. They allow you to save important or favorite Stories beyond the 24-hour limit. The Story Archive automatically saves your expired Stories, which you can rewatch or add to Highlights.

Q4: How can Instagram Stories boost engagement?

A: Instagram Stories humanize your brand and increase engagement. You can use stickers, polls, questions, and other interactive features to encourage interaction with your audience. Adding music, links, and mentions can also enhance the storytelling experience.

Q5: How do I go live on my Instagram Story?

A: Going live on Instagram Stories allows you to connect with your followers in real-time. Simply tap the camera icon and choose the “Live” option. You can also share the replay of your live video to your Story afterward.

Q6: How do I add a link to my Instagram Story?

A: To add a link to your Instagram Story, tap the “+ Link” option after creating your Story. Enter the desired URL and customize the link sticker. When viewers tap the sticker, they can visit the linked content.

Q7: What format should I choose for my Instagram Story?

A: The recommended size for Instagram Stories is 1080 pixels wide by 1920 pixels tall (9:16 aspect ratio). You can upload MP4, MOV, or GIF files with a maximum length of 15 seconds. Ensure your content meets these requirements for optimal viewing.

Q8: How can I share an Instagram Story?

A: If someone tags you in a Story, you can share it by selecting “Add to Your Story” in your direct messages. Additionally, you can share any public Instagram post to your Story by selecting the “Share to Your Story” option.